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When Would Plasma Welding Be Used?

Plasma welding uses an electrical arc that will super heat gasses in order to create a stream of plasma which is extremely hot and is highly concentrated in a small area. Most plasma welders use one kind of gas, usually argon, to create the arc and send out heat. They may also use another gas referred to as a shielding gas, this is used to keep the plasma in one single space by stopping heat from distributing outside the area being worked upon.

This is regularly used in the aerospace industry, on automotive and pipeline construction, and sometimes to manufacture commercial kitchen products. It was first introduced in the 60s and was intended to replace its counterparts, such as GTAW or gas tungsten arc welding. It is sometimes known as PAW or plasma arc welding and uses a welder which has several sources of gas in order to produce a powerful and more precise heat source.

Its basic design comprises of a hand-held welder and torch head which is attached to a bigger control console. This will allow the user to adjust it and make sure the system stays cool during use. It has a narrow nozzle at one end of the torch head, and an electrode which is normally tungsten, on the inside of the nozzle. This protects electrodes against damage when contacting other materials.

The nozzle is also adjustable, which will allow the user to control the plasma streams size. This kind of welding is done by creating a plasma stream, or superheated gas that carries the arc from the electrode to the material that is getting welded. The shielding gas will be released around the plasma to ensure the stream is kept narrowly focused and prevents heat loss.

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