The Professional Mobile Welding Service I Provide

Hangtown Welding and Equipment Repair is a professional welding contractor. I have been serving the needs of clients all over Placerville, CA and . I have over 20 years of experience working as a welder for different welding companies, and I can perform any welding repair from heavy equipment repair to advanced sheet metal welding. There is no job that is too big and I will provide the solution you need. The services that I offer include:

  • Mobile Welding – Many people believe that welding is something that they can do on their own. All you have to do is buy a welding machine at your local home depot and some welding supplies and you are good to go. But welding is not as easy and simple as you might think it is. In order to perform a good welding job, you will need proper training and experience. If you do not have both, then you risk getting injured or damaging your property. As an experienced welder, I provide excellent  mobile welding service so that you will not have to spend a fortune on welding supplies. I can do all types of welding jobs from large steel to sheet metal fabrication and I use only industry welding tools to get the job done.
  • Equipment Repair – Attempting repairs can be challenging for a person who does not have any experience. I can perform repairs on any equipment using welding. With 25 years of experience, I can do the job quickly and easily and get your equipment running in no time. From grinding to preparing surfaces for painting, there is no job too big  for me. I perform mechanic repairs employing my expertise and skills.
If you are looking for general equipment mechanic repair, then look no further. Hangtown Welding and Equipment Repair is here to take care of all of your welding and repair needs in Placerville, CA. Call us now at (530) 212-8331 and get service from a professional and experienced welder.

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